Sunday, September 11, 2016

LINK: Donald E. Westlake's Sort-of James Bond Book Coming Out Next Year

Tanner over at the awesome Double O Section spy blog has details on a "sort of" James Bond novel by Donald E. Westlake coming out next year.

Titled Forever and a Death, the story was presumably adapted from an unused film treatment Westlake created for what would have been Pierce Brosnan's second James Bond movie.

Click here on the headline and read the full report on this rogue mission at Double O Section.


  1. It's kind of too bad it's not "real," as I think FOREVER AND A DEATH is a better Bond title than any actual Bond book since DEVIL MAY CARE!

    And thanks for the link and kind words.

  2. Very likely paperback only (as most of theirs are), which is really a shame. They are also issuing an Erle Stanley Gardner book for the first time, also only in paper...

  3. Yes, I assume it will be paperback only, too. But they do issue a few titles in hardcover. It would sure be nice if this turned out to be one of those!

  4. I had the chance to speak to publisher Charles Ardai last night. He said the decision to issue hardcovers is pretty much made by the booksellers: if they don't believe they can move the title in hardback, it's only issued as a paperback.


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