Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Retro rockets fire! TRIGGER MORTIS paperback races into the U.S. today

The U.S. paperback edition of Anthony Horowitz's Trigger Mortis is released today in the U.S. by Harper. The cover art designed by Gregg Kulick and illustrated by Patrick Leger features a cool retro look, which is perfect for this Bond adventure set in 1957.

In Trigger Mortis, Horowitz places James Bond into the world of Formula One auto racing. This is a natural fit for 007, especially in these dangerous early days of the sport. This idea actually came from Ian Fleming. Trigger Mortis incorporates original material from an unpublished Fleming outline called, "Murder on Wheels". Bond then races into action in New York City.

Horowitz clearly has an instinct for Bond and he knows exactly which classic notes to play. Jeopardy Lane is a terrific Bond Girl. Villain Jason Sin is appropriately fiendish. The book has rockets toppling and American motels exploding. And having Bond endure a buried alive ordeal...why has it taken this long for a Bond author to dig up this excellent idea?

Ian Fleming Publication have been producing James Bond continuation novels from various authors for 35 years now. So Bond fans have a full buffet of 007 adventures that appeal to all tastes. With Trigger Mortis, we have a book that offers up a dish of classic Bond cooked to perfection. What more could anyone ask for, except maybe another book from Anthony Horowitz just like this one!

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