Monday, August 2, 2010

Danger Society US release remains unlikely

It’s starting to look less and less likely that the Young Bond companion book, Danger Society The Young Bond Dossier, which was recently released in paperback in the UK, will be released in any form in the USA.

I confirmed at Comic Con that there are still no plans by Disney to publish this latest Young Bond release. However, they did spark to my suggestion that they consider including the original Charlie Higson short story, “A Hard Man To Kill”, in their paperback edition of By Royal Command, due out in May 2011. (Of course, they might have just been humoring this mad fanboy.)

The good news is the UK paperback edition of Danger Society The Young Bond Dossier is currently 38% off at, so U.S. fans who want this excellent book can purchase it for about the same total price as a U.S. hardcover.

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