Sunday, July 23, 2006

U.S. BLOOD FEVER loses Lippe?

Keen-eyed Bond fans have been spotting Ian Fleming character cameos sprinkled throughout the first two Young Bond novels by Charlie Higson.

In SilverFin (Chapter 11) young James sees a circus performance by strongman “The Mighty Donovan.” This is the father of From Russia With Love villain Red Grant. In Blood Fever (Chapter 17) the villain hosts a dinner party where among the attendees is “Armando Lippe from Lisbon.” Charlie Higson has confirmed this is the father of Thunderball villain Count Lippe.

However, U.S. fans have been scratching their heads looking for this particular cameo. As it turns out, the Miramax/Hyperion edition of Blood Fever released in June omits the name “Lippe” from the paragraph. Instead, Ugo’s dinner guest is now “Count Armando from Lisbon” (page 212).

Somehow we lost a Lippe and gained a Count!

Thanks to “Bryon” over on the CBn Forums for spotting this change.

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