Thursday, June 2, 2022

30 years of FOREVER

It was 30 years ago that John Gardner's 11th original James Bond novel Death Is Forever arrived in the U.S. bookstores. This was one of handful of titles that was released first in the United States. While not one of my favorite Gardner books, it was a thrill to have a new Bond every year and all the Gardner books remain special to me. 

Here's a review of the book from 30 years ago today. Is 007 forever? I think we know the answer to that!

The Indianapolis Star.

My own copy of Death Is Forever, purchased in 1992, has a sticker on the cover pitching it as a "Super Value!" I normally strip off any stickers to have a clean cover. However, when a sticker says something Bond specific, as this one does ("Bond is Back"), it stays. And this wasn't added later in a clearance sale. I bought all the Gardner books the instant they hit the bookstores and this sticker was there on day one. Would love to know the story behind it and how many books may have it.

You can buy the recent reprint editions of Death Is Forever at and


  1. Great. They did that sticker business with another, or two. My BROKENCLAW had the same and, naturally, i did peel if off, but kept it as a page marker.
    Great stuff.

    1. Oh, wow, they did this on others? I don't recall that. My Brokenclaw came clean. Unless the sticker on that one didn't reference Bond, then I would have taken it off.

  2. Wow…we’re we really spoiled with a new Bond novel a year? It’s hard to believe.

    1. What I love about that now is I can look at my Gardner books lined up on the shelf and track exactly where I was in my life when each book was released.


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