Monday, May 11, 2015

YOUNG BOND getting full series refresh in Germany

The entire Young Bond series is getting a cover refresh in Germany on July 1, 2015. Arena will re-release all five Charlie Higson Young Bond novels with these cool new cover designs. You'll noticed that they all sport the new Young Bond logo. Also note that, in Germany, Double or Die is titled GoldenBoy.

Blood Fever
Double or Die
Hurricane Gold
By Royal Command

Steve Cole's new Young Bond novel, Shoot to Kill, will be released in Germany on October 22, 2015 by KJB. Below is the cover art. Translation is by Leo H. Strohm.

Shoot To Kill

Thanks to Trempo for the tip.

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  1. Not sure about these, they're a bit... nondescript. Still, can't beat a nice set of uniform covers. I'm still gutted they never went beyond the Fleming books with the last UK set. I was really hoping they'd at least do Colonel Sun in a similar style, if not the Gardener and Bensons. They did elsewhere.


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