Monday, May 30, 2011

Some fans receiving 2nd editions of CARTE BLANCHE

Some fans on the forums are complaining that they have been receiving 2nd editions of Carte Blanche from retailers like Amazon and Waterstone's. One fan who complained back to Amazon received a response saying only the indie edition (black jacket) was a first. But other fans refute this, and a quick scan of eBay confirms there are white jacketed first editions out there.

Still, it appears landing a 1st edition is not a guarantee, so if this matters to you, make sure you check out the copyright page before you head to the check out counter.


  1. Uh ...Which is which ? ( Just received today a Red edition myself from H&S )

  2. Look on the copyright page (like the pic). If there's a "1" there, it's a first.

  3. Should have kept my big mouth shut...

  4. That is TERRIBLE to hear! I was so looking forward to returning to work tomorrow in hopes that my book might arrive from Amazon UK. Now after reading this, I'm half dreading it! Are all the copies from Amazon 2nds? Oh man. I'll be crushed to tear open that package and find a 2nd. What a gyp! Obviously it's not guaranteed, but you pre-order from Amazon and you expect a first! Especially for an author with as typically large a print run as Deaver. Ugh!

  5. WH Smiths Holborn(London) Branch has a display of the book, all at half price and all with 1 on the copyright page. (I counted 12 in the display at 11am this morning 31st May)

  6. My copy arrived in my U.S. mailbox today from Amazon UK. Pre-ordered some while back. 2nd edition. Disappointed. I shall not allow that to color my reading experience.


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