Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last cryptic clues in contest to be the first fan to read CARTE BLANCHE

Here are the final set of cryptic clues revealed this past week on the Carte Blanche Facebook page.

  • Clue #6: Master of spies and Q may have bought their gagets here.
  • Clue #7: Grocers at Her Majesty's service.
  • Clue #8: Fleming, Lord Tennyson, George Moore all lived here.
  • Clue #9: M's new office on the banks of the River Thames.
  • Clue #10: The original newswire service which used homing pigeons.
  • Clue #11: London street where Bond got collared.

Send answers to cryptic clues and 007 Carte Blanche mission photos to

Watch for the final clue on May 25 to find out how YOU can win a ride in a Bentley Continental GT, an overnight stay at The Lanesborough where you will to meet Jeffery Deaver, and be the first fan to read Carte Blanche!

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