Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sensational news today for fans of John Gardner's James Bond novels! Ian Fleming Publications have announced that all 14 John Gardner James Bond adventures will be reprinted in both the U.S. and UK to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the publication of his first book, License Renewed. Here are the details just released by IFP and the official John Gardner website:

Ian Fleming Publications is very pleased to announce plans to release new editions of John Gardner's classic James Bond titles.

All fourteen of John Gardner's James Bond books will be republished by Orion in the UK, starting in June this year. Orion will celebrate the 30th anniversary of John Gardner's Licence Renewed by publishing the first five titles in hardback, featuring their original covers, in Summer 2011. The rest of John Gardner's Bond books will be released in the UK as paperbacks in 2012, as a stunning, redesigned collection.

In the US, Pegasus will release the first three John Gardner titles in newly-designed paperback in the Autumn of 2011. The editions will feature new introductions from luminaries in the world of Bond, and will be followed by a complete re-issue of all 14 titles in the US.

We hope you are all looking forward to seeing this wonderful books back in print as much as we are!

Already the first five UK titles from Orion are available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk. Amazon is also showing new audiobook editions read by Jeremy Northam. As stated in the press release, these new hardcovers will feature the beautiful original UK cover art, as seen below.

The first three U.S. editions by Pegasus are also available for pre-order on Amazon with their new cover art. The cover styles are in keeping with Pegasus' recent reprints of Raymond Benson's omnibus Bond collections, The Union Trilogy and Choice of Weapons. According to Amazon, these will be published on October 12, 2011, and will include introductions by Raymond Benson, Otto Penzler, and Simon Gardner.

James Bond: License Renewed: A Novel (James Bond 007)James Bond: For Special Services: A Novel (James Bond 007)James Bond: Icebreaker: A Novel (James Bond 007)
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Thanks to Chris Wright of felixleiter.com for the original tip and Sarah at Ian Fleming Publications for the details. This is the news all us John Gardner fans have been waiting for!


  1. Pardon my ignorance but I am a little confused by the wording. Will the following books in 2012 be released next year as a set or individually?

  2. I think what the mean by "set" is that they will have a uniform look to them. I expect you'll be able to buy them individually.

  3. Great news, but I hope those are not the final covers. Very childish artwork.

  4. I take it you're talking about the U.S. editions? Those are the final covers as far as I know. Can't say I'm a big fan. License Renewed and Icebreaker are fine, but that For Special Services...eek. But some people like them.

  5. Great News Zencat

  6. Pardon my ignorance: are there any plans for the release of e-books for ALL James Bond Books (i.e. Flemming, Woods, Markham, Gardner, Benson etc.)?

    If so, when, where?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Don't know yet. I'll I know is what on that page, and that only shows the first five. But when I know more, you'll know. :)

  8. John,

    Thank you for your reply. I'm a James Bond fan (literary and cinematic) and I can't EVEN spell Fleming's surname properly on my previous post! Sorry about that!

  9. I hope ALL Bond novels can be released as e-books (either Kindle or something else). We should sign a petition and send it to the publishers / owners / whoever own the rights etc. about that!

  10. Why haven't they released all 14 books in hardcover as bond collectors and book readers we would all want our favourite books in hardcover. Please can you pass this on to publishers.

    A few years ago franklin mint released all Ian Fleming books in hardcover .

    I believe they are missing a fantastic opportunity


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