Thursday, March 2, 2006

YOUNG BOND 5 to reveal "the maid incident"

Young Bond author Charlie Higson has dropped a few clues about what’s in store for young James in his fifth and final installment of the Young Bond series.

“The fifth book involves elements of a fairly major nature. Basically, it is decided that things need to be hushed up, kept out of the way and swept under the carpet, official secrets, the government and the establishment closing ranks and all that, trying not to let out what has really happened, and that Bond is never allowed to speak about it ever again. Which is why he never mentions it when he's an adult! He does leave [Eton] early. It does involve an incident with the boys' maid.”

In Bond’s obituary, published in the Ian Fleming novel You Only Live Twice, it’s stated that Bond was thrown out of Eton for “trouble with one of the boy’s maid.” Many Bond fans have assumed this incident was of a sexual nature, yet Fleming established in the short story From A View To A Kill that Bond’s first sexual experience was at the age of 16 in Paris. Higson’s Bond will only be 14 when the Young Bond series ends. Therefore, “the maid incident” may be something quite different than current expectations.

“I hope to have fun with the maid incident and show that it was a lot bigger and more complex than what was presented in the obituary, and that the obituary is a deliberate attempt to cover the truth up. And I hope it will also help explain some of his attitude towards women in later life.”

Higson also added the provocative clue that the Royal Family will play a role in the Young Bond series at some point, although he did not specify in exactly which book the family would appear.

If IFP sticks with the current schedule of one book per year, Young Bond Book 5 will be released in 2009.

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