Thursday, March 26, 2015

Horowitz says "PROJECT ONE" news coming in May

Anthony Horowitz tweeted yesterday that he had completed the final edit of his new James Bond novel, codenamed "Project One", and that there will be news coming in May. Perhaps cover art and the final title on Ian Fleming's birthday (May 28)? IFP has used this date in the past to break big Bond  lit news.

Horowitz's new Bond novel is set in the 1950s and will be based in part on unpublished Ian Fleming material. The book will be released on September 8, 2015 in both the U.S. and UK.

UPDATE: Check it out. Mr. Horowitz himself had provided a little direct feedback to us via Twitter.

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  1. Perhaps an announcement regarding "Project Two?"

  2. An announcement of "Project Two" would be great!

    But after watching the SPECTRE-teaser trailer with the clues to Oberhauser, Charmian and other secrets from James Bond's past, just imagine an announcement that a deal has been struck to start work on a Young Bond movie...? This is PURE speculation on my behalf, but if you should choose a moment in time to announce a Young Bond movie, it would seem that this May would indeed be a very fine moment to do so...


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