Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LINK: Literary Bond Superior to Movie Version

Here's a good article on The Daily Beast championing the book Bond over the movie Bond. Click the headline to have read.

Compare Ian Fleming’s fictional creation in his novels to what we see on the screen and the differences start piling up. It's the books, not the films, that should be the standard Bond, writes Allen Barra.


  1. Not sure I agree with that.

    Either way, who cares? We don't live in a world where we have to choose just one or the other; so I'll take both, if you don't mind.

    And one of these days, I need to get into the Bond video games, too.

  2. I've never really liked the debate about Literary vs cinematic Bond, I first became a fan at the age of 9 thanks to the films, since then it's been my favorite films ever and nothing even comes close to them, and it was thanks to the films that I read Casino Royale for the first time at the age of 11, and I've been a fan of the literary character ever since. I've read the fleming novels half a dozen times each, and I've read every single continuation novel and novelization, while I've watched the films hundreds of times and have them all on every format from VHS to DVD & BLU-RAY....

    So when someone tells me which do I prefer, I only say I prefer Bond, because I never place the novels over the films or vice versa, for me is not a film series, or a literary series, or a game series, it is only THE JAMES BOND series as a whole, and the fact that sometimes the films and the novels are similar and sometimes they are completely different is a plus for me.

    In the end, for me the novels and the films are complementary to each other, and all of them together form a whole, which in the end is a single character, and a single wonderful universe which is formed by a series of books, films and even video games and radio adaptations, and every single one of them offers something great to the series!

    So there is no debate, they complement each other and together they create the whole of the Bond universe, so when someone asks me which do I prefer I just say to them, I love the literary Bond as much as the cinematic Bond, and vice versa, in the end it is one single character, and one single series.


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