Friday, October 5, 2012

Second wave of IAN FLEMING reprints now available

The second wave of Vintage's new Ian Fleming James Bond paperbacks are now available in UK stores and from online retailers. The wave 2 books are:

Visit The Book Bond's Vintage Fleming page for links to all the new Ian Fleming paperbacks and eBooks from Vintage. You can see the second wave covers here.


  1. Four comments:
    1) Thanks to the host of this website, it is an amazing site stocked with all the information you could want!
    2) This is amazing news, I've been waiting all year due to IFPs general 'sometime in 2012' comment
    3) Is there any word on a release of the other three Benson Bonds?
    4) Does anyone know where I could find the Moneypenny short stories, digital or otherwise?


  2. This should have gone of the Benson/MP ebook post oops!


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