Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Amazon's new IAN FLEMING paperbacks released today

Amazon has released their new Ian Fleming paperbacks and Kindle eBooks today. The series sports a new, avant-garde look and are published under Amazon's Thomas & Mercer imprint. The eBooks will initially only be available via Amazon's Kindle store. Below are links to all the paperback editions (with some up to 50% off).

Octopussy and The Living Daylights

Click here to see all the covers of Amazon's new Ian Fleming James Bond novels.


  1. Some of these are spot-on but then others are head scratchers. I'm a graphic artist, so appreciate the simplicity and graphic quality of Casino and Diamonss, but don't get the From Russia one that looks ornate czar rather than Cold War. And Thunderball is literal sub while the other are very abstract...

    1. The three series of new Fleming covers this year (Vintage, "There's only one Bond", and these) has got me thinking. Maybe coming up with 14 covers in one block is hard, hence why three or four of them tend to be a tad below par. We forget that when Chopping did his covers he did them one at a time, with a year in between each one.

      Michael Gillette recently re-did his Thunderball and OHMSS covers for the German translations (he felt he didn't really capture what he was going for the first time around), and both new ones are big improvements (not the his first pass at them were shockers, but it just shows what looking at them with fresh eyes after a bit of time away from it did for him).


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