Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cover art for the Norwegian Hurricane Gold paperback

Our friends at Ian Fleming Publications have provided us with full cover art for the just released Norwegian paperback edition of Charlie Higson’s fourth Young Bond novel, Hurricane Gold (Farlig gull). I've always loved this artwork, and I think it looks so much better without the reflective coating that was used on the UK paperback.

Published by Aschehoug with a translation by Heidi Grinde, Farlig gull finds young James Bond battling American gangsters deep in the jungles of Mexico. Along the way he teams with a Bond Girl named Precious Stone and tangles with a deadly villainess named Mrs. Glass.

Hurricane Gold was first published in the UK in 2007.


  1. That's a great cover. I think Hurricane Gold might be the most underrated book in the series. It did not get as good of reviews as the others and I am not sure why.

  2. I agree, Count. It's a terrific book.


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