Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sebastian Faulks penned Bond parody in 2006

Looks like the highly anticipated centenary novel, Devil May Care, is not the first time author Sebastian Faulks has penned a James Bond adventure (of sorts). In his 2006 collection of parodies, Pistache, Faulks included “Even James Bond Goes Shopping”, a snippet of which was reprinted in The Guardian:

"Bond lowered himself through a ventilation grille in the ceiling above the savoury dips aisle. He lit one of his custom-made Morland cigarettes with the three gold rings round the tip.

"What you think you're doin'?" said a bald Cockney. "You can't smoke in 'ere mate." Bond drove the steel-reinforced toecap of his calfskin loafer into the red gaping mouth...

"He eliminated the three people ahead of him in the queue by triggering a lethal dart from the adapted handle of his twin-exhaust wire trolley and found himself staring at a familiar face. 'Ah, Moneypenny,' he said. 'What are you doing here? Are you licensed to till?'"

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