Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will BOND 23 include plot elements from DEVIL MAY CARE?

CommanderBond.net is reporting that the James Bond filmmakers have hired a former Foreign Office official from the British Embassy in Kabul to provide technical advice about Afghanistan's lucrative opium trade. The official has signed a confidentiality agreement that precludes him from discussing the project, but this information suggests the next James Bond film could involve 007 in the world of Middle East drug smuggling.

Sound familiar?

While it's unlikely the filmmakers are considering adapting Devil May Care (they've already ruled that out), is it possible that have been inspired by the Sebastian Faulks bestseller and could incorporate some of the elements of the novel into the next James Bond film?

If so, my number one suggestion would be the Caspian Sea Monster. This cries out to be in a Bond movie!

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