Tuesday, May 28, 2024

New IAN FLEMING hardcovers coming in October

Ian Fleming Publications announced today, Ian Fleming's birthday, new hardcover editions of the Fleming books with cover art by Michael Gillette. Below is the full press release.

New 007 Hardbacks Coming This year

Today, May 28th, is Ian Fleming’s birthday and to mark the occasion we’re thrilled to share news of an exciting project with you.

On October 3rd later this year, we’ll be publishing new hardback editions of all fourteen of Fleming’s original Bond stories. From Casino Royale right through to Octopussy, get ready to clear some space on your shelves for these beautiful tomes. 

The covers (to be revealed at a later date) for these prestige hardback editions will feature brand new art from legendary designer Michael Gillette, as well as bonus content. Publishing Director Simon Ward says, “I remember seeing Michael Gillette’s James Bond cover designs in a bookshop window in 2008. They were instant classics and became defining editions for a whole generation of fans. We’ve long wanted to partner with Michael again and we’re thrilled that day has finally come. We believe he’s put together something very special and can’t wait to share these all-new designs with the world.”

Speaking about this project, Michael shared the following:

“I’m very excited to see this set released. It was wonderful to make the 2008 set, and to get a second opportunity is a great honour. I hope that fans and new readers will sense the love and thought with which they were created.”

Michael shared this image as a taste of what’s to come. © Michael Gillette 2024.

All fourteen hardbacks are available to pre-order now from the links below, and we look forward to sharing the covers with you soon…

Casino Royale - IFPL | Amazon UK
Live and Let Die - IFPL | Amazon UK
Moonraker  - IFPL | Amazon UK
Diamonds are Forever - IFPL | Amazon UK
From Russia with Love - IFPL | Amazon UK
Dr. No - IFPL | Amazon UK
Goldfinger - IFPL | Amazon UK
For Your Eyes Only - IFPL | Amazon UK
Thunderball  - IFPL | Amazon UK
The Spy Who Loved Me - IFPL | Amazon UK
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - IFPL | Amazon UK
You Only Live Twice - IFPL | Amazon UK
The Man with the Golden Gun - IFPL | Amazon UK
Octopussy and the Living Daylights - IFPL | Amazon UK


  1. Will these be the censored versions?

    1. I believe these will be the same texts as the paperbacks, yes.
      Besides LALD, does anyone even know what was cut or changed? I'd like to see a list. I'm now hearing there was almost nothing changed, and this was a giant overreaction.