Thursday, April 13, 2023

70TH ANNIVERSARY editions released today

Today sees the release of Ian Fleming Publications all-new 70th Anniversary reprints of the classic James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. The set also includes his two non-Bond novels Thrilling Cities and The Dimond Smugglers. Fans have been overall positive about the new cover art. Less so about the "sensitivity" edits. But it's great have these books still and print and still as popular as ever 70 years after the first appearance of James Bond in Casino Royale. Raise a glass to 007!

You can purchase these new editions at


  1. I'm happy to have the versions that Fleming actually wrote, his way. Been around for 70 years and I still cannot find evidence of how his choice of words somehow destroyed world civilization as we know it.

  2. I’ve read online that Casino Royale has remained unchanged in this printing. Is the same true for any of the other books does anyone know?

  3. The Amazon site contains the following notation for this edition of the text: "The text in this edition has been restored by the Fleming family company Ian Fleming Publications, to reflect the work as it was originally published." So this is not a bowdlerized version.