Friday, January 20, 2023

Dynamite announces FOR KING AND COUNTRY

Dynamite has announced a new series to tie-in with the 70th Anniversary this year. Cover and description below.

2023 marks the 70th Anniversary of Ian Fleming‘s internationally famous MI6 spy James Bond 007. And Dynamite vows to celebrate the milestone with a special 007 series: 007: For King and Country from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Giorgio Spalletta. 

 This time around though, Bond is the hunted. Accused of a murder on British soil, M dispatches the other 00s to revoke Bond’s license permanently. Forced to go underground, he can only count on the presumed dead 003, Gwendolyn Gann, as his ally because — in reality — they are on a top secret mission to prevent a globe-shattering event. Will they be able to unravel a conspiracy before M’s best catch up with them and punch their tickets?

For King and Country will be released in April. 

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  1. Still waiting for the permanently postponed hardcover of Agent of Spectre, the last Bond comic of any quality (writing and artwork). PKJ's previous effort was so bad I gave up reading it, even for free!