Saturday, October 15, 2022

The Folio Society releases FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

The Folio Society has released their next illustrated slip-cased Ian Fleming classic, For Your Eyes Only.

Readers might be familiar with the titles of the stories contained within For Your Eyes Only, but the adventures they depict might surprise them. As well as the expected – and eagerly anticipated – danger, thrills and action that Bond is so well known for, these five stories peel back the layers of Fleming’s complex hero, revealing, as crime writer Ian Rankin describes it, ‘a James Bond few of us have had the good fortune to meet’. Series artist Fay Dalton returns to provide her own irresistible spin on MI6’s greatest, with seven full-colour illustrations and an especially dramatic slipcase. The smart binding design calls to mind Bond’s impeccably tailored suits, making this another unmissable entry in the ever-popular Folio Bond collection.

For Your Eyes Only Folio Edition can be purchased from the Folio Society website.

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