Monday, November 2, 2015

Midtown Comics VARGR #1 exclusive

The first issue of Dynamite Comics new James Bond series is released on Wednesday and Midtown Comics in New York is offering a retro cover exclusive by Robert Hack that I can't resist! Check it out below.

You can order Midtown's VARGR #1 exclusive from the Midtown Comic website.

Thanks to Tanner at the excellent Double O Section blog for this discovery. 


  1. Except, shoestrings...

  2. Yeah, but how many images over the years have depicted Bond in a Windsor Knot tie? He even wears it in some movies! As well as lace-up shoes. I'm not going to get too tied up on Fleming's fifties sartorial preferences when it comes to a modern 007 (even one depicted in a retro fashion). It's not as if he's drinking TEA...