Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's untitled, there's no cover art, and it doesn't even mention James Bond; but based on the publisher (Jonathan Cape), I'd say THIS LISTING on is the new James Bond novel by William Boyd. Woo hoo! One concrete thing we do get from this is a release date: October 3, 2013. Also check out that healthy page count: 432.

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Happy 2013.

UPDATE: Release date now shows September 26, 2013.


  1. Don't ya just love Only yesterday I came across US Kindle editions of the JG Bonds.... They were there... then they disappeared....then they were back and they stayed for a while but had the Orion UK jackets, with a couple of the Cape ones thrown in for good measure.....then they vanished again! Yes we are looking into it John and you will be the first to know what the hell is going on :-) SRJG

    1. JG on Kindle? That's news to me. Yes, please do keep me posted. I'll keep a watch out for them as well.

    2. Hey, Simon, speaking of downloadable JG Bonds, do you have any idea if the JG audiobooks available for digital download in the UK (on, for instance, but not in the US) will be made available in the US? I hope so! Thanks.

  2. Great to have a release date. Page count generally changes though, methinks.
    Would like a title soon (as I'm sure all of us would)