Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wiki update says Lee Child will be 2012 Bond author

It looks like the speculation on who's going to write the next Bond novel officially kicks off today with an errant update on Wikipedia that says Lee Child will be the next author to pick up the 007 pen.

An eagle-eyed fan on the CBn forums spotted this addition to the Jack Reacher Wiki page:

"The schedule for the Reacher series - previously one-per-year - was stepped up with 61 HOURS/WORTH DYING FOR both released in 2010. This was done in order to make room for Child penning the next James Bond novel for Ian Fleming Publications in 2012."

Cool news if true, but let's not get too excited. Doing a little digging reveals this update was added on June 19 by an anonymous user who sourced the Ian Fleming Publications website which, of course, says nothing about this. No new author or book has yet to be announced.

So while we should probably discount this one (for now), Child would be a terrific choice, and IFP has shown interest in him in the past. Child was one of the authors approached for the Centenary novel in 2008 (read why he turned it down here).

Thanks to Peaceful and Jay Tee for the tip.

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  1. I'd love to see that happen. I've never read a Jack Reacher book, but reading Child's fantastic short spy story in the anthology Agents of Treachery made me LONG to see Child pen a straight-up espionage novel, Bond or otherwise. I don't put any stock in the Wiki rumor, but I'd love to see that happen.